Where have you been Pearl?

So around about the time we kicked off classes at Pearl’s Creations, things looked like it was gaining momentum and then it kinda came to a halt. My posts on social media of any kind became infrequent and almost non existent.

There’s no way to say it well really. My father passed away unexpectedly. It was a shock to my family and friends all around us. Nobody expected it, least of all my own father.

My calendar was already full in the months following the tragedy. I did not realise how much losing my father affected me. I found myself only able to do one thing at a time where previously I was able to do three to five at a time. So sadly a lot of things slipped.

It’s still a long road to getting my father’s affairs organised. But for the first time in 3 months, I think I’m starting to bounce back into rhythm. So watch this space!


PS: look at this pair of Swans I sent off to Queensland!

And the cake it ended up on! 😍

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Only in the past week I’ve had the word thrown at me…as a question, as a surprise reaction, as a statement…just what justifies the word ‘professional’?

Earlier in the week I was asked if I was a professional cake person. My answer was that I sure hope that I am one…with a laugh 😂!

When I thought about it some more, I really did wonder…what makes me a professional? I don’t have a baking ‘degree’, I have not attended a ‘cake school’, there’s no certificate of achievement by a recognised institution that ‘qualifies’ me as a ‘professional cake person’ 😳

Unlike my previous occupation, I was a Quantity Surveyor for more than a decade, working in the Construction Industry. I attended 4yrs of University, obtained a ‘degree’ and practiced as a professional body under the umbrella of the Institute of Quantity Surveyors…now THAT was something I identified with as being a professional.

Last month I had a review left on my Facebook Page, my customer described my service as ‘professional’. I deduced she was referring to my business manner and how I handled matters. So it’s obvious that ‘conduct’ defines the word ‘professional’.

Today, a few of my closest friends, upon sharing pictures of my studio and the classes that have taken place; commented on how ‘professional’ it looked. So ‘appearance’ also defines the word ‘professional’.

So is this all it takes? A great product, appearance and mannerism? Share with me your opinion, what makes one a professional cake person?

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Comprehensive Cake Pop Learning

Today, we had Su Tan from Popolate run a Comprehensive Cake Pop class! 🤗

A class of 5, with students of varying degrees of cake pop knowledge or experience, each walking away with 24 beautiful decorated cake pops!

One of the students was kind enough to leave us an opinion of her experience:

Missed this class? Register your interest to be kept informed of upcoming classes or have a look at the current list of available classes.

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Private Classes

Today I taught a private class to this young lady, Dana.

Dana is hearing impaired and have zero caking experience. We spent the entire class communicating via messenger. And I kept catching myself whispering when trying to pronounce my words for her to lip read 😅

With an egg and nut allergy, she had little success getting established cake companies to accommodate her. And she was concerned that with her disability, she may fall behind and miss out in a group class scenario.

She’s so eager to learn as often she misses out on cake due to her allergies. Her mother used to bake her a separate cake but she has passed away and Dana never learnt from her mum how to bake.

With the help of Su from Popolate and Ruth from Macaron Madness, we were able to provide her an eggless and nutless cake decorating as well as cake pop making experience.

Just look at her results!

She accomplished that on her own within 5 hours! 😍

Interested in accomplishing your own? Register your interest with us today!

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Blueprints in my head…

So on Sunday, yesterday, I had the pleasure of delivering up a sculptured cake. If anyone follows my work, you’d know that I love a challenge and especially if it’s not one I’ve done yet! The excitement, the forward planning, the drafting of the blueprints in my head! 😍😍😍

I spent a good deal of time in my head piecing the steps I would need to take to achieve what I need to…revisiting the steps a few times over…all in my head…you could often catch me just zoned out, lost in my thoughts until I get the nagging “mummy, I’m HUNGRY!” for the 24th time in the last 10 mins…😪

Some people sketch. Some people even use a computer program or phone app. Me? I sit and dream, and plan it in my head. So that when I finally get down to actually assembling the cake, my head just tells my fingers where to go…and magic happens right before my eyes!!!

My customer was such a lovely lady and her feedback to me this morning via SMS was such an awesome way to kick start the day!

Interested in ordering a cake with me? Please fill in the form and I’ll respond asap with a quote.

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Introduction to Macarons for Beginners

Today we had the gorgeous Ruth from Macaron Madness at our studio running a class for a group of lovely ladies we met at the recent Intocraft Live Sydney show at Rosehill.

Everyone made a box full of beautiful Macarons to take home after successfully mastering the techniques of mixing, achieving the correct consistencies for smooth shells with feet!

Missed this class? Register your interest to be kept informed of upcoming classes or have a look at the current list of available classes.

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Cake Pops with Popolate

Today, we had Su Tan from Popolate run a Cake Pop’s for Beginners class! 🤗

A class of 5, most of the participants had never rolled a cake ball, or dipped a cake pop, or piped with chocolate before.

Su believed in letting creativity loose, so students were provided with colours and the tools, but were free to design their own cake pop set. And rise to the occasion, they did!

Missed this class? Register your interest to be kept informed of upcoming classes or have a look at the current list of available classes.

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OMG I’m live!!!

So…whilst waiting for my Website Host to get back to me about some technical issues…I had no idea they had actually fixed it already and that  the website is now accessible via WWW on a desktop! Yikes…so now I have to work diligently this week at tidying up all my pictures! 😜

Mmmm…on a separate note…look at what I made this week!

Peter Rabbit and Gang

I made Rabbits 😊

That is…Benjamin, Peter and Lily Rabbit 😁

Dusting colour on really brings them to life…and trying a new photo taking technique and editing sure makes them look kinda like they belong on TV and not on my table in 3D! 😜

#gettingcreative #attheend #peterrabbit #rabbits #peter #benjamin #lily #lilyladybug #sugarart #figurines #cakedecorating #acdnmember

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Testing a Blog Post…

So, I’m learning quite a bit about WordPress and how to do this whole website thing 🙂

Let’s show you a recent piece I made that I’m rather pleased with…

I give you…”Sleeping Baby”…isn’t she just an absolute darling?

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