About Pearl

My name is Pearl and I’ve been dabbling in arts & crafts for as long as I can recall.

From paper to glass to more currently decorative cakes and cake toppers…my list of craft skills continue to expand!

I started designing and making my own jewellery early 2002, when a girlfriend of mine showed me how to, as a form of relaxation /distraction therapy. Friends and Family urged me to sell my jewellery pieces and so the name “Pearl’s Creations” was chosen to brand my creations.

I started to develop a strong interest for lampwork glass beads in 2004 and after purchasing a lot of them for my jewellery pieces, I decided to learn how to make my own in 2005. I spent a lot of my free time, learning, practicing and perfecting the art of glass bead making; and in 2007, glass fusing & cold-working as well.

I sold my creations through the markets and through shops on consignment and as well as through online websites until it became apparent that it was time to have my OWN website.

Hence the formation of www.pearlscreations.com.au in 2008!

Since launching Pearl’s Creations online, I’ve had two beautiful children.

My routine altered dramatically after having children and more importantly, it also meant that my craft direction changed too.

I started to discover creativity in the kitchen. And so my journey into Cake Decorating commenced in 2013.

I have considered what I should do with Pearl’s Creations, predominantly having been known as a Glass Fusing/Beads Business. The consensus was that I retained and revamped Pearl’s Creations to include for ALL my different creations…from paper to glass to cakes and more recently sugar figurines or otherwise known as cake toppers.

So continues the journey as I set about adjusting my website layout, to allow room to showcase ALL of my creative mediums.

I thank you for taking the time to read about me. I hope to have you along on my journey of discovery, in this big beautiful world of creativity.

xxx Pearl.

if you’d like to, read the News to see what I’ve been up to;

I also have a Gallery of all my previous work.

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