A child’s christening is an important day that will be remembered for many years to come, and is a vital part of the Christian religious tradition. During a christening a child is baptised with water and marks an exciting part of their journey in the Christian faith. Not to mention, it is a special day for your friends and family who witness this event take place. Someone ordained by the church to perform the service usually carries out the christening, using prayers, candles and other traditional methods and instruments.

Modern christening cakes

are a great way to bring everyone together, after all, who doesn’t love cake?


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Children are usually christened when they are very young, from as early as twelve weeks, however today there is a much broader range of ages for children being christened, and there is no set rule about when this should happen. Whenever you decide to celebrate this special day, Pearl’s Creations are here to help.

Pearl’s Creations have a wide range of christening cakes and christening cake toppers to choose from. You can choose from one of our designs and customise the colours, or add your own special message including names and dates in a variety of fonts and styles. Or, we can work with you to custom design your own christening cake from scratch. If you would prefer to make your own christening cake, we can help with the toppers and decorations to enhance the final product.

Here at Pearl’s Creations, our number one priority is making sure all our customers are happy with our services and products, that is why we offer all consultations and quotes free of charge. We also make all of our cakes fresh to order, with the highest attention to detail.

If you would like to discuss your christening needs, please give our friendly team a call to discuss today. We can ship all orders Australia wide!