Baby Shower Cakes

Baby Shower Cakes



There are few more momentous occasions than welcoming a new baby into the world! If you are planning your baby shower, or a baby shower for your friend or family member, we understand that getting just the right cake is an important way to celebrate the mum-to-be and her baby. We have extensive experience in creating memorable baby shower cakes in a variety of styles and themes.


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Mark the occasion with delicious baby shower cakes

Whether you want a traditional boy or girl themed baby shower cake in blue or pink, or would like something more neutral, we have a huge variety of cakes to choose from. We can also help you to create your own custom cake, as well as custom cake toppers, and can work with you to bring your cake dreams to life. We have a wide variety of fonts and colours to choose from so you can include your own personalised message such as ‘congratulations,’ ‘it’s a boy,’ ‘it’s a girl,’ names, dates and anything else you can imagine.


Some example baby shower cakes we can make include:

Pink baby shower cakes

Blue baby shower cakes

Fairytale baby shower cakes

Movie themed baby shower cakes

TV themed baby shower cakes

Looney tunes baby shower cakes

Disney baby shower cakes

Pixar baby shower cakes

Harry Potter baby shower cakes

Photo baby shower cakes

Funny baby shower cakes

Personalised message baby shower cakes

And more!


We want to make sure you get the cake you dream of, so offer all consultations and quotations free of charge. If you would like to chat about the different baby shower cakes we have on offer, how you can customise your own cake, or ask any questions, please give Pearl’s Creations a call today!