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Welcome to Pearls Creations!

Pearl’s Creations is a cake decorating business that has been servicing Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide since 2013. Pearl and her team bring a vast array of knowledge to the art of cake decorating, and pride themselves on providing excellent service, an imaginative and high quality range of products, at very affordable prices!

Creating the sweetest memories. Contact us today!

*Australia wide delivery applicable sugar figurines only.

Our Business

Pearl’s Creations is first and foremost built from a love of cake! Like any good cake recipe, Pearl’s Creations has spent time making sure we have quality ingredients to service individuals and businesses for all their cake decorating needs Australia wide.

Whether you are after a custom ordered cake to be designed and decorated for you, are looking for decorating tools and supplies, or would like to attend a class to hone your cake decorating skills, you have come to the right place. With locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, we welcome a vast array of customers to our stores and classes weekly. In addition, we service the whole of Australia with our fast and efficient national delivery service.

There is no better way to celebrate the special occasions of your friends and family than with a beautifully decorated cake! Give the team at Pearl’s Creations a call or an email today to discuss your needs.

About the Founder

Pearl, the founder of Pearl’s Creations, has been dabbling in the arts and crafts since she was a child. Some of her earliest memories are of making structures from paper and clay.

Pearl continued to develop her love of arts and crafts as she grew up, starting to design and make her own jewellery in 2002, when introduced by a friend to the process of jewellery making as a form of relaxation. From there, Pearl sold her pieces under the brand name ‘Pearl’s Creations’ which is how the company was formed.

In 2004 Pearl developed a strong interest in lampwork and glass beads, which she often used in her jewellery creations. She decided to learn how to make these pieces herself, and spent much of her free time learning, practicing and perfecting the art of glass bead making; and in 2007, glass fusing & cold-working as well.

Pearl continued to sell her work through markets and to shops on consignment, until she eventually realised it was a time to start a website of her own. Thus, was officially born in 2008!

Today, Pearl focuses her love of arts and crafts on intricate and imaginative cake decorations, and providing cake decorating tools and utensils to her market Australia wide

The Art of Cake Decorating

Cake decorating is a sugar art that uses a variety of icings and frostings as well as other decorative and edible decorative accoutrements to make cakes more visually interesting, and to appeal to a wide variety of celebrations. Cakes can also be moulded and sculpted to create three dimensional representations of places, people and things.

Most often, cakes are decorated to mark special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and christenings. They can also be used to mark cultural and religious holidays, as promotional items and just for the sake of enjoyment at any social gathering.

Cake decorating has a long and interesting history, first originating in 17th century Europe with the introduction of temperature controlled ovens, and the first production of baking powder. These two developments made cake making, and in turn, cake decorating possible, and since, the art of cake decorating has expanded to include a vast array of techniques and styles.

Even though these days not as many people bake a cake from scratch, decorated cakes are still a very important part of daily life, and a growing number of people are interested in learning how to decorate cake themselves with cake decorating classes or tutorials.

Types of Cake Decorations

There are many different types of cake decorations that can be placed on or around cakes, and they are usually made either of soft and edible materials, or safe plastic.

Some of the most common items used in cake decorating include:

Fondant – Sometimes known as ready roll icing or sugar pasts. This material comes in a variety of colours and is very easy to handle as long as it is prepared properly. It is usually used as a primary cover for cakes. Fondant needs to be rolled out with cornstarch to avoid sticking. Pearl’s Creations stocks easy to use fondants in a rainbow of colours, and also teach how to handle fondant in our classes.

Royal icing – This sweet icing is made by whipping egg whits and icing sugar and is great for piping and intricate writing, which is a common technique used in cake decorating. It is soft when prepared but dries hard, and can last a long time if stored in a cool, dry location. Pearl’s Creations also has a range of royal icing on offer.

Marzipan – This material is most often used for modelling decorations and sometimes as a cake cover. Marzipan is similar to fondant, however fondant tends to be more popular.

Gum paste – This is also known as florist paste, and is an edible but brittle material that is used to sculpt cake decorations such as ornaments and flowers.

Modelling chocolate – This chocolate paste is made with melted chocolate, corn syrup, glucose and golden syrup. The chocolate is then used to make a variety of shapes, characters and structures.

Edible ink – This product saw a breakthrough in nontoxic ink and printing materials used in cake decorating, and is now commonly used to print images, photographs and words onto edible sheets. Pearl’s Creations can make a cake with just about any image you desire, using a special printer that transfers images onto edible paper made from starch and sugar.

Cake Decorating as an Artform

Today, cake decorating has become an artform and a unique industry of its own! From a simple, one-layered cake, to a multi-layered three dimensional structure, Pearl’s Creations can help introduce you to the artform of cake decorating!

We can do the hard work for you, bringing your dessert dreams into reality, or can help you achieve this on your own through our classes that cover a range of topics. From constructing cakes, to cutting shapes, to using fondants and edible materials to construct letters and figures, we have a wealth of knowledge across all aspects of the field of cake decorating.

Whatever your cake decorating needs, we are here to help you every step of the way!

Interested in placing an order? Leave us your details and we will respond asap.

Queries are typically responded to asap within the hour Powered by ConvertKit