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Ruth from Macaron Madness
Ruth from Macaron Madness

Ruth Gregory, owner and creator of Macaron Madness has been invited to Pearl’s Creations’ Studio
to teach us awesome macaron making skills!

Whether it be a macaron, an alcaron (cocktail macaron), a woodland animal or a bespoke shaped macaron; Ruth is the person to learn from!

Ruth has been creating artisan macarons for over 5 years, mastering the classic French technique used in Paris to create the little filled biscuits. In 2012, Ruth developed a suite of alcoholic macaron flavours under the Macaron Madness “Alcaron” brand.

Ruth supplies cafes and French boutiques across Sydney with her macarons and other French pastry delights, choux pastry, tarts, cakes & flans.

You will not be disappointed with your experience with Ruth!

Ruth will be running the following classes:

Introduction to Macarons – Beginners
Advance Macaron Techniques – Characters
Advance Macaron Techniques – Fillings
Alcoron Techniques – Special – Adults Only!
Choux Pastry – Beginners

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