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Does your little one have a favourite animal? Are you looking for the perfect way to make their special day even more unforgettable? Our range of custom made animal cake toppers are sure to bring a smile. We specialise in creating incredible animal cake toppers that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Whatever furry, four legged, flying or fantastic creature you have in mind, at Pearl’s Creations we’ll create it for you!

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Our animal cake toppers include

  • Farmyard friends cake toppers
  • Cats and dogs cake toppers
  • Jungle creatures cake toppers
  • Beautiful birds cake toppers
  • Unicorn cake toppers
  • Dragon cake toppers
  • Dinosaur cake toppers
  • Christmas Reindeer cake toppers
  • Cheeky monkey cake toppers
  • And many more!

Each animal cake topper can be customised to suit your little boy or girl. With endless design options for outfits, accessories, colours, sizes, and sizes you can even add a personalised touch to your cake with lettering in your font of choice.

All children have a favourite animal, from the traditional choices like lions, tigers and bears to the magical like unicorns and dragons. Does your little one have a stuffed toy they cherish? We can replicate existing animal toys to turn their favourite furry friend into the most delicious dessert treat too!

At Pearl’s Creations we’re proud of our high level of quality when it comes to sourcing ingredients. Our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction stretches back over ten years and remains the driving force behind every cake topper we make. When you choose our mouthwatering fondant treats you choose a proven quality that your tastebuds will thank you for.

Animal cake toppers aren’t just for your little ones. They can make a great addition for the young at heart. After all, we all have a soft spot in our hearts for a certain animal. Whether it’s a lucky animal, a family pet, or a cherished character from TV or film, an animal cake topper never fails to result in a smile.

If you’re in need of a custom made animal cake topper, then Pearl’s Creations is the ideal choice.

Please explore our gallery of hand made animal cake toppers, or reach out and speak to us directly to request your own unique design, with delivery throughout Australia we’d be thrilled to hear from you!

I could never get tired of making Animal/Creature figurines! Too cute!

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