Sugar Figurine Modelling Class

Sugar Figurine Modelling Class

Have you always wanted to learn how to create your own figurines from sugar?

Do you want to make your own personalised cake toppers? Then look no further than the

fondant figurine classes

here at Pearl’s Creations.

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A class you can sink your teeth into

In this class we cover modelling techniques for creating figurines from sugar. We start by teaching you the fundamentals of making modelling paste and the difference between different kinds of gums, before moving on to show you the secrets to creating various skin tones. We cover all of the principles involved in shaping and moulding the male and female torso, arms, feet, hands and faces. Before you know it, you will be bringing your own pint sized people to life.

Making faces is one of the most complex parts of modelling, and we spend time with each student to ensure they understand this fine art. We will work with you to create a variety of facial expressions, different facial details and different hair details, so that your creations will each have their own unique personality. Maybe you want to make a figure to represent someone you know? A popular movie character? Or a little superhero for your little loved one? We will show you some techniques for working from various images and representations.

Experience you can taste

Our teachers bring a wealth of cake making and cake decorating experience to our classes and cover the full range of sugar modelling topics including:

Modelling materials, how to use it, how to alter the colour and how to make it.

Skin and hair tones

How to use a size guide

How to create the correct proportions

How to use the modelling tools to enhance your characters features

How to create facial details

How to create hair detail

How to store and transport your figures

If you have any questions about our sugar/figurine modelling classes, or would like to enrol in a class near you, give the friendly team at Pearl’s Creations a call today!