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Placing models of people as cake toppers on your cake allows your cake to tell a story! Pearl’s Creations has a great variety of

custom cake toppers

to suit an array of occasions and styles. Whether you want a rustic cake topper, a vintage wood cake topper, a humorous cake topper, or a cake topper that looks like you or that special someone, we can help you find just the right one.


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We specialise in custom cake toppers!

At Pearl’s Creations we hand pick the best cake toppers based on people from across a variety of suppliers to ensure we have a diverse range of offerings. We can cater for toppers that represent couples, individuals, and even the whole family, including pets. We want to make sure everyone is well represented on top your next cake. We have traditional, unique, funny, sporty, entertaining, chic and personalised styles to choose from.

When it comes to our personalised creations, it is often uncanny the likenesses we can achieve. These toppers are made to look just like you and your significant other, your friend, your sports mate, your colleague or your loved one. Whoever it is you are celebrating, we have the knowledge and skills to bring them to life in sugar form! We have a huge variety of skin colours, hair colours and personal features available.

In addition, we can personalise what cake toppers are holding or appear with to reflect the personalities of those represented. We can feature things like musical instruments, sporting equipment, motorcycles, surfboards and more. We even have culturally specific cake toppers suited to more traditional Asian and Indian weddings, featuring the bride and groom in traditional dress.

Whatever you want the people on your cake to look like, we at Pearl Creations can help. Everyone of our cake toppers is designed to tell a special story that will add to your next special occasion.

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