Sugar Flowers Classes

Sugar Flowers Classes


Sugar flowers are a beautiful addition to any cake, and add a touch of colour and elegance to your cake making projects. Whether you are making a birthday cake, graduation cake, christening cake, wedding cake, engagement cake, baby shower cake, or a cake for another occasion, learning how to make your own sugar flowers is a fun way to add that extra special touch. Here at Pearl’s Creations we make it possible for anyone, regardless of their existing cake making or cake decorating abilities, to learn how to create sugar flowers.


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We start by covering the different kinds of materials you can use to make sugar flowers, before teaching you how to use the various tools available, and how to create a variety of shapes. We teach you about mixing and applying colours to your mixtures so that you can create flowers that suit your desired styles and themes. Not only will we teach you the most common flower shapes and styles, we will show you some lesser known varieties, and will teach you all the tips and tricks we have gained from years of experience for creating beautiful and symmetrical flowers every time.

Our sugar flower making classes are great to take on our own or can be paired with our cake making and cake decorating classes to give you a full suite of skills to complete your cake projects from start to finish. You can come to our classes alone or can come along with a friend or family member to share the fun of making your very own sugar flowers. Sure, you can buy these little bite-sized pieces of goodness, but it is extremely satisfying to make your own!

If you would like to learn more about our sugar flower classes or enrol, give Pearl’s Creations a call today!